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Roger Oliver rmomxtx at gmail.com
Thu May 20 18:22:13 EDT 2021

Thanks David T.

Puzzling to me too. It dawned on me that the only indication we saw that
the check and repair function was working was that the menus and icons at
the top of the page were grayed out and unavailable. Probably need to give
it more time until those come back to life.

Examining the file without check and repair shows the arrows to the left of
the accounts on the chart of accounts page but they do not respond to a

You are correct, saved reports means adjustments to the existing reports.
We did move the .gnucash file from the old computer to the new before
installing the 3.11 and opening the GnuCash data file. The reports didn't
show up. Wonder if the .gnucash file in Windows 10 has a different name,
maybe GnuCash. At any rate, saved reports were not there when we opened the
data file in 3.11


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Your experience is exceptional,? insofar as I've never heard that
particular problem before. Your description is puzzling to me; how is it
that your top level accounts show correct balances, if the subaccounts are
not there? Something is off there...

Here are some ideas:

I'll assume that you closed gnucash after the Check & Repair and restarted
it. I know sometimes that helps unstick things.

Since you're having trouble with the canonical upgrade process, what
happens if you examine the file without performing the Check & Repair?

I am going to assume that your statement that the saved reports are not
important implies that you haven't actually written Scheme-based custom
reports (because if you'd gone down THAT rabbit hole, those reports would
be important to you), but that you have saved a number of standard reports
with basic customization, such as a subset of accounts on an income report,
or a special date range, etc. If that is the case, you could simply copy
{yourfile}.gnucash from the Windows 7 box to the new machine, and open that
with 3.11. Later, you could try to find your saved-reports.2.x fileand copy
it over to the new machine (in the new folder for version 3 and above).

If none of those fix your problem, perhaps you can send a screen shot of
the Chart of Accounts. Maybe that will shed some light...

David T.

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