[GNC] Trial Balance Error

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at gmail.com
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When you sold the stock you realized a capital gain or loss.  To account
for that in GnuCash is a little tricky.  You can determine the amount by
adding up all cash spent to buy the stock and the sale proceeds.  The
difference is the (hopefully) gain.  Look in the tutorial for details on
recording the capital gain.

I will warn you that you need to use the tab key to navigate into the split
line where you actually enter the gain in order to avoid entering a
quantity of shares.

Good Luck

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 3:40 PM dennis adams <smada46 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I recently ran a Trial Balance report for the first time.  Debits and
> credits different by tens of thousands.  Most problems were easy to find
> and got the difference down to about $161.50.  I walked the difference
> first by year, then by month and then by day until I found the day where it
> went from balanced (11/19/20) to unbalanced (11/20/20).  Then ran a
> transaction report for 11/20/21.  There were only two, sale of a stock and
> a dividend for another stock.
> The dividend entry had a debit with a corresponding credit in the correct
> accounts.    The stock sale proceeds showed a debit for my sweep account
> (asset) but no credit for any other account although it showed a credit for
> the number of shares sold.  Checked the stock account and sweep account and
> everything looked good.  I ran a balance sheet for the day and assets minus
> liabilities equaled total equity.  Finally, I did a side by side, line by
> line comparison of the 11/19/20 and 11/20/20 Trial Balance reports.
> Everything matched perfectly with the exception of the bank sweep account
> and the stock dividend account which reflected the transactions for
> 11/20/20.  The only other differences was the unrealized gains for stocks
> and the daily downloaded stock prices from 11/19/20 to 11/20/20.  I do not
> know what else to do to try to find the error.  Any thoughts or
> recommendations?
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