[GNC] Cancel Transaction Interface Oddity

D. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 10:34:34 EDT 2021


GC4.5 (Build ID 4.5+ (2021-03-27)) Windows 10

I have noticed that while entering a new transaction, that if I click the Cancel button, the cursor remains in whatever field had the focus at the time of cancelation. For the record, I most commonly cancel a transaction from the amount field because autofill puts the same amount into the transaction, which tells me I already entered that transaction. In this circumstance, the amount field remains the active field after the transaction has been canceled. 

This is disconcerting, as it means that my next action MUST be to relocate the cursor back to the date field in order to create a new transaction. Typing at this point puts information into the amount field, and pressing enter creates a spurious transaction. 

Given these points, I think it is a UI error to leave the cursor at this location after canceling, and I will file a bug if others agree with me. 

David T.


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