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Thu May 27 20:56:34 EDT 2021

The documentation could offer users more guidance in choosing the import

Most banks allow account transactions to be downloaded (usually as files)
and most financial software (including GNUCash) allows the transactions to
be imported. GnuCash offers six options but in reality the user might only
have one or two formats available from the bank.

I understand OFX/QFX is the preferred format but likely only available in
USA. It seems MT940 and MT942 SWIFT and DTAUS format (DTAUS has not been
supported by banks since 1 February 2016) would also be a preferred option
if available.

In Australia and probably most other parts of the world the likely options
are CSV and/or QIF. QIF is probably the preferred of the two and although
the date format can never be known it's probably reasonable to assume it
matches the locale setting. (Note: GnuCash does not support date formats
with Mmm.) CSV is a loose format the user will need to specify. One
advantage of these formats is they are fairly easy to manipulate,
particularly CSV.

A last resort worth mentioning is extracting data from pdf files, probably
manipulating in a spreadsheet and converting into CSV format. Users would
need to work this process out themselves.



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