[GNC] Gnucash 4.8: doesn't read or store config

Klaus Dahlke kdahlke at gmx.de
Mon Oct 4 17:06:13 EDT 2021

I run gnucash 4.5 on ArchLinux and compile gnucash from the sources. Yesterday I wanted to upgrade/install gnucash 4.8 by:

cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/klaus -G Ninja ..
ninja install

All went smoothly, but when starting gnucash, the warning/error came up: no book found (or similar), i.e., gnucash starts but no accounts, register etc are there. I then went to File -> Open' and opened the postgres database. The data were read, but not displayed as expected: currency was USD, date format was US,  no register color etc. I changed some of Preferences as setting the register color scheme to gnucash default, currency to Er, date format etc. But after exiting and restarting gnucash, none of the preference settings where save. The warning message and teh look and feel was exactly the same as right after compile.

I then switched back to gnucash 4.5 by compiling it from the sources by the above method and all works fine again.

Did I miss something in the installation procedure or is it worth filing a bug?


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