[GNC] Redo account reconciliations

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Thanks for your reply. I generally try and reconcile one month at a time. I have reconciled January and February 2021. I attempted to reconcile March but found too many problems and left it for lack of time. Recently I have had some time to catch up and am trying to pick up from where I left off. One of my first problems is that my starting balance in the opening reconciliation window at the beginning of March is off. It no longer matches what February ended with. Another problem is that some of March appears to be reconciled and some transactions are not (I believe these latter ones are ones I have discovered and entered while getting caught up.) In QuickBooks, I can undo a reconciliation and redo it from scratch, which has been a big help in clearing up some situations. (It also means undoing and redoing every reconciliation since the corrected one, but that is part of the process.) Where is Gnu Cash pulling the starting balance from in the opening window? Can it be adjusted?


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In GnuCash, reconciliation is always "from the beginning of time"..  So if you reconcile an account at August 31, 2021, that will "force" you to reconcile all transactions prior to that date.

So.... It's not clear exactly what you mean by "go back and re-reconcile."

If you unrecocile a transaction (for whatever reason) you should only need to go in and re-reconcile the last process once more and re-select the transactions.


On Thu, September 2, 2021 11:35 am, Paul Warthe wrote:
> Hello fellow gnu-cash users,
> I am behind on my bank reconciliations due to an inability to make 
> sense of some errant entries. I think I have located them all, but 
> need to go back and redo the reconciliation attempts on the last 2 
> months I attempted it on.
> I know how to do this in QuickBooks (the program we use at my office) 
> but have not figured it out in Gnu Cash. Any assistance in this would 
> be appreciated.
> Regards
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