[GNC] QIF imports for security pricing

Kalpesh Patel kalpesh.patel at usa.net
Fri Sep 3 17:42:42 EDT 2021

Hello GnuCash Dev and user community -


Looking for answer to few questions related to GnuCash use, so I am hoping
community can provide guidance. 


-          Recently I tried to import a QIF file containing mutual fund
transactions and pricing info into an investment account. The securities
transactions in it imported fine but it appears that the importer skipped
security prices that were also defined in that file. I tried same file with
Quicken 2017 to make sure there were no errors in the file and it imported
all data without any problem, and with a brand new clean GnuCash file and
importing it. Price database do not show any pricing information either. Is
this the intended behavior of the importer?

-          After importing transactions, I noticed that Present (USD),
Cleared (USD), Reconciled (USD), and total (USD) columns in the account list
displays zero for the value of the account or the individual security
sub-account. Since these are non-public mutual funds, I am unable to get
them downloaded via any of the financial sources nor do symbol exist for
them. Is this the intended behavior? How should symbol for each mutual fund
be specified? Is there a way to tell it to use the last provided price for
the mutual fund to calculate total for that account and show in at least one
of those columns?

-          Where can I find what is expected in the format of import prices
from csv mechanism? Specifically I am getting tripped up with "From
Namespace" column. I RTFM but I couldn't make sense out of this specific
field.  If there is any guidance on simply importing pricing via CSV that
has three columns - date, mutual fund name, and price for that day - it
would be appreciated.


Look forward to replies.








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