[GNC] Redo account reconciliations

David H hellvee at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 17:35:14 EDT 2021

I'm with Derek and Fred on this one, I'd be re-reconciling the latest
statement.  If I inadvertently un-reconcile a transaction I'm probably not
likely to pick it up until I reconcile in September and see it in the list
of txns to be reconciled even if I do notice it then as sometimes there are
quite a few and I'm only interested in the statement end balance anyway:-)

Cheers David H.

On Sun, 5 Sept 2021 at 01:26, Fred Bone <Fred at mandfb.me.uk> wrote:

> On 04 September 2021 at 13:10, Christopher Lam said:
> > Derek,
> > Consider a well-used bank account. You reconcile every end of the month
> > successfully up to 31 Aug 2021. Accidentally you unreconcile a Feb 2021
> > split. You retrieve your 28 Feb 2021 bank statement, try to re-reconcile
> > and fail because the reconciliation end balance also tallies splits from
> > March 2021 onwards. C
> Well, yes. You should be re-reconciling to the August statement date &
> balance.
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