[GNC] One Job - Many Customers

Nora nora at story-lines.ca
Thu Sep 2 13:31:36 EDT 2021

Hi User Group,


I've just joined and set up my chart of accounts and am ready to process
jobs and customers etc.

Currently you can have one customer to many jobs, But I want one job to many


My question:

I run many different classes/programs/courses, each with several
students/customers attending.

How do I set up the one  "program"/job  and then invoice or associate all
the customers to that "program/job"?


When I used quick books - I had one invoice to represent the program
associated to an income account, and just typed the names in a description
field of the payees/attendees. The individual payments reduced the invoice,
and I used the memo field to list who made the payment.  I want to get away
from this as each person is only listed in the memo field and I can't easily
reconcile with the bank by name.


Thanks so much for your help!






Nora Zylstra-Savage


Capturing Stories & Connecting Generations

Writing Coach, Workshops & Content Editing 





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