[GNC] Posting Sell Of Stock Automatically Calculating Wrong Number

Dr. Timothy B. Jones tbj at timothybjones.net
Fri Sep 10 18:39:35 EDT 2021


I wasn't yelling...just trying to keyword to help.

Yes, my last upgrade was from 4.5 to 4.6 (the latest version, I believe).

Here is an example of a trade entered today:

I enter a stock sale with a loss:

SEP Brokerage Cash  $1874.99 (DB)
Trading:NYSE:EVC  $1887.50 (DB) This amount also represents the cost of the
security in the buy transaction.  (GNUCASH calculated share price)
Realized Capital Gain  $12.51 (DB)

Fidelity:Pension: EVC  $1874.99 (CR)  (GNUCASH calculates share price, I
enter shares and amount)
Trading:Currency:USD $1887.50 (CR)
Fidelity:Pension:EVC $12.51 (CR)

In this transaction, when I enter it (exactly as above) and save, the
software changes both $1887.50 amounts to also reflect $1874.99.  In other
words, the transaction has that amount 4 times.  I have entered it allowing
the software to create the accounts and I have entered it from scratch, but
both times it changes the $1887.50 amounts to also reflect $1874.99.   The
auto calculations of share price seems fine and correct.  I am not asking
about that....rather, something (I called it an automatic calculation but
perhaps not) is replacing the manually entered $1887.50 with $1874.99 and
thus my journal entry is not correct. 

I have literally hundreds of stock transactions over the 7 years I have used
GNUCASH.  I cannot figure out why this one will not post as usual.  

To also clarify, I am not positive that this started with the upgrade.  But,
it was my first stock loss entered since upgrading last weekend. 

Thank you in advance for any help.  I am sorry you thought I was yelling.


Timothy B. Jones, Ed.D.
Author, International Speaker & Principal Consultant

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Please stop yelling.

You don't say what you upgraded from and to; was it GnuCash 4.5 to 4.6?

There has never been a setting to disable balancing unbalanced transactions
or ensuring that shares * price = buy/sell amount though in the latter case
GnuCash should pop a dialog asking which one you want changed. Trading
account entries are always calculated by the balancing code and as of 4.6
any existing trading account splits are deleted at the beginning of
balancing because trying to adjust them proved too hard.

Can you provide an example (change the symbol of the security if you like
but please leave the numbers unchanged) showing the before-and-after
balancing entries, including number of shares/units, price, and value. It
would also be helpful to know the smallest fraction on the security account;
you'll find that in the account's edit dialog.

John Ralls

> On Sep 10, 2021, at 11:34 AM, Dr. Timothy B. Jones <tbj at timothybjones.net>
> Greetings:
> When I enter a stock SELL, the split is AUTOMATICALLY changing my 
> entry for the TRADING account (by adding $1.00) and also the CURRENCY 
> account (also by adding $1.00).  Since the TRADING account entry 
> represents the cost basis of the stock, adding a dollar not only does not
agree with the BUY entry, but
> it throws off my trial balance by the same dollar.   No matter how many
> times I enter it (even from scratch) something is automatically changing
> value.    
> I seem to remember there is a setting to prevent the software from 
> AUTO calculating anything in the stock sale.but I CANNOT find it.  
> Also..it was fine before I updated my version so I am guessing I have 
> unset or changed a setting as part of the update process.  However..I NEED
it to not
> auto-calculate.   CAN ANYONE HELP?
> Thank you!!!
> Timothy B. Jones, Ed.D.
> Author, International Speaker & Principal Consultant
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