[GNC] "Gnucash.exe has stopped working" - 2.4.15 on Windows 7

David H hellvee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 05:42:38 EDT 2021


I'm running Gnucash 4.6 on Win 7 Ultimate without any issues.  Having said
that, I always upgrade each new version of Gnucash on Win 7 as soon as it
comes out and was not in the position of trying to upgrade from 2.4.15 to
version 4.6.  Were you trying to go directly from 2.4.15 to 4.6 ?  If so
you can't do it like that...

To upgrade from 2.4.15 to 4.6 you need to go from 2.4.15 to 2.6.x to 3.0 to
4.0 as there were changes to files and files locations etc.  See the thread
at https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2020-August/092615.html
for details and also the Gnucash wiki at
which has more details.

If you go to gnucash.org and click on the "More downloads (Source code,
Development ...)" link on the download panel and then scroll down to the
bottom of the page it takes you to and click on the "View all Gnucash
downloads" link at the bottom and then click on the "gnucash (stable)" link
OR just use this direct link -
you'll find the Windows ".exe"  setup files for each version you require.

Cheers David H.

On Tue, 21 Sept 2021 at 18:51, Frank H. Ellenberger <
frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Francesco,
> Am 19.09.21 um 19:14 schrieb Francesco Castoro:
> > Hi Alan,
> >
> > I am using version 2.4.15 (because of layout of printing) on OS
> > Windows 7 professional. I tried to install a recent version, but the
> > problem is not solved.
> >
> > Thanks a lot!
> 2.4.15 was released 2014-01-12! Nobody will look in it now.
> The last version assured to run on Windows 7 is GnuCash 3.11 für
> Microsoft Windows 7/8/10:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnucash/files/gnucash%20(stable)/3.11/gnucash-3.11.setup.exe
> Regards
> Frank
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