Fwd: Gnucash Homepage sources for German redesign?

Jaime E. Villate villate at gnu.org
Fre Mar 21 09:53:24 CST 2003

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 09:02:04PM -0600, Linas Vepstas wrote:

> I would
> be much, much happier if his translation (or any translation)  
> used the same PHP infrastructure as the main (english) pages. 
> > Hhhm, seems Linas has diferent positions what shall be done with a 
> > germen GNUCash page. 
> Huh?? What ?? I do?? I don't know what this refers to.
> > I will stop my work on translation until this is cleared. 
> Why?   I don't understand the issue. What's the issue? What's the
> problem?

I started this thread just to figure out whether gnucash.org already had some
infrastructure for translation teams to work together or we should create
http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuchash and let Thomas maintain it (that's
probably not what Thomas had in mind, but that would be the implication of
accepting his project registration in Savannah).

>From Linas' reply I see that we should better ignore Thomas' project
registration in Savannah. If Thomas really needs some CVS infrastructure or
other Savannah features that he does not find in gnucash.org, he should
register a new project in Savannah, but this time ask for a regular software
documentation project (non-GNU) and not a GNU project with "website" license
which implies working on the www.gnu.org pages directly.

Thomas, please do not get discouraged by my comments and do not stop doing your
translations. When I said "there is already a German translation of the
website" I was just expressing the point of view of an outsider to the
GNUCash project, who enters the gnucash.org site and has no clue what's going
on behind the scenes. That remark was not meant to tell you that you are doing
work that has already been done. As Linas has explained they do not
have a German translation of the php scripts and your help will be very