[gnucash-de] SKR04 crashes

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at online.de
Mo Mai 5 13:22:44 EDT 2008

Am Montag, 5. Mai 2008 18:31:01 schrieb Johannes Kapune:
> Hi to all,
> Am Montag, den 05.05.2008, 12:01 -0400 schrieb Derek Atkins:

Derek, you are right, in tax/us/txf-de_DE.scm, the keys start with 'Kxx', 
while in tax/us/txf.scm they start with 'Nyyy'.

> > Christian would have to answer definitively, but I believe there's
> > a compile-time configure option to enable locale-specific tax,
> > but I also believe it is NOT enabled by default, and probably
> > not enabled in the windows build, which means you're probably not
> > using it.  That means you're pulling in the US Tax report, which
> > could be why it's not working.
> so we wait on Christians answer
> what configure option I have to choose?

No, try
> ./configure --help
`configure' configures gnucash 2.2.99 to adapt to many kinds of systems.

Usage: ./configure [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...

To assign environment variables (e.g., CC, CFLAGS...), specify them as
VAR=VALUE.  See below for descriptions of some of the useful variables.

Defaults for the options are specified in brackets.

Optional Features:
  --enable-locale-specific-tax enable localized tax categories (experimental)

By default, it should be off!

> > Yes, the hierarchy druid pulls in the specific hierarchies based
> > on your locale, but the tax report does not do that by default.
> please excuse me! Why not? I think tax will be always a "local problem"
> > -derek
> For me it not so important to use SKR04. It is the only problem/bug I
> found so far

1. your locales seems not to be set correctly. What says
> locale

2. your file hierarchy seems mixed up. In the normal case 
accounts/de_DE/acctchrt_skr04.gnucash-xea should open together with 
tax/us/txf-de_DE.scm, not tax/us/txf.scm.

Cstim anounced the experimental feature in 
without resonance.
I startet testing im April 2007. 
Last state is http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=432143.
I am really sorry, but when offered the patch, I had no time. 
Thanks for remembering me.

Details about german tax in gnucash can be found in