[gnucash-de] Newbie needs help ( bills and payments)

Paul Neuwirth mail at paul-neuwirth.nl
Di Dez 19 02:41:21 EST 2017

Hello list,

I am not sure, if I understood everything about book keeping and
gnucash's functionalities. I asked previously on German language list,
and got the tip to ask here.

What I already did:

imported extended accounts (according to German standard SKR03) and
laboriously typed in all vendors and bills. But not the
according payments yet.
I hoped, I am able to import the bookings from my bank account
(aqbanking or csv import) und link it to the bills or reconcile.

Doing this import gnucash does'nt find potential splits matching or
creates many balance splits. I also tried to process payments before
import but also these (same looking) splits cannot be reconciled by

What is the correct method?

I would appreciate any help.

Here I got some screenshots, how I proceed. (If German translation
matters, I can make new ones using English translation):

1) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash1.png
importing CSV, seperator, date, account etc. are ok.
amount marked as "Deposit" (minus signed ones are withdrawals)
2) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash2.png
account matching is also ok
3) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash3.png
from last tries gnucash learned to book to
"Verbindlichkeiten" (Account/Payable)
3a) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash4.png
If I try to "R+U" (reconcile + update?), gnucash doesn't find matching
4) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash5.png
if I import the bookings as "new", Gnucash correctly books from
e.g. credit card to payable account

actually ok.. but:

my basic question
6) https://www.swabian.net/extern/gncml/gnucash6.png
How do I link the bookings to the bills/payments?
The bills stay due, if I click "process payment" I only can create a
new split, which would look identical to imported ones.


Paul Neuwirth

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