Ordering and grouping: how do I do it, or suggestion for enhancement

Clark Jones jones@inficad.com
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 10:08:09 -0700

Hi folks!

I'm using gnucash 1.4.0 (after the hassles getting _that_ installed, I'm
waiting awhile on trying to upgrade :-).

I have spotted a couple of things that I'd like to do with it, and after
having RFM'ed and not found the answer (maybe it's there and I missed it),
I thought I'd ask ... and if these are not things that can currently be
done, I'd like to put them forward on the "wish list":

	- In the "Register" window, is it possible (without modifying and
	  recompiling the source code) to change the order in which the
	  columns appear?  For instance, in my "dead tree" register, the
	  check number is on the left, followed by the date.  Also, the
	  "withdrawal" is to the left of the "deposit".  It would be less
	  confusing if the two could be made to match, and it would seem
	  that if there were a "display order" menu item somewhere it
	  would be easier to do than trying to edit the "dead tree" register.

	- I've got some accounts set up, for instance


	  It would be very nice to be able to get something like a transaction
	  report that lists all of the items for the pickup together, and all
	  of the items for the rv together so that I can get a "cost of
	  ownership" number.  However, I can't just re-do the accounts, as
	  some things (like registration) need to be grouped together for
	  other purposes -- i.e., taxes.

As I said, if gnucash can already do these things, I'd appreciate pointers
on getting them done, and if not, please add them to the "wish list".


P.S.  I've noticed that there's an "address harvester" that's subscribed to
this list -- fortunately I've only gotten two or three pieces of junk e-mail,
but I'm reasonably sure they came because of my postings here.
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