Hans de Graaff
15 Jul 2000 21:46:00 +0200

Jason Rennie <> writes:

> The last problem that I ran into was with readline and termcap libraries.
> RH 6.2 comes with shared libraries ( and,
> but during gnucash compilation, compilation of src/.libs/gnucash uses
> "-lreadline" and "-ltermcap", which (if I'm not mistaken) causes ld to
> only look for static libraries (libfoo.a).  A little detective work
> brought me to the conclusion that these options come from "guild-config
> link", which produces:

Using something like -lreadline should also link against a shared
library. It seems that perhaps the correct symbolic links are not
present on your system. Normally there should be a
symbolic link pointing to the actual shared library to be linked
in. Without this link the library won't be found. 

>   -L/usr/lib -lguile -ldl /usr/lib/ /lib/ -lm

This way the linker does not need to find the shared library because
it is explicitly provided, and hence the linking works.