Reconciliation in 1.4.3, and other issues

Alan Orndorff
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:33:10 -0700

Ed Porras wrote:

> In one message or another, Adrian Cox said something like this:
> >I've just got 1.4.3 from Helixcode, and the reconciliation problem
> >that stopped me using 1.4.0 is still present. I've imported a large
> >number of QIF files from Quicken 6 SE, and all the data is in the
> >register intact. The problem is quite simple: the starting balance of
> >each account in the reconcile window is 0.00, even though the cleared
> >balance in the register window is correct.
> I'll have to second this problem.. it was just pointed out by my
> girlfriend who did the import about a month ago.. any ideas?
> -e

I fixed it the hard way,  took a half hour to go through and check off
those Items that I knew were already reconciled, but there must
be an easier way.