turning off auto-open last file

Ben Stanley bds02@uow.edu.au
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:19:21 +1000

package: gnucash
version: cvs 2001-03-24

Gnucash has a feature where it will automatically open the file you were
using with it when you opened it last time. However, since I've recently
started using the CVS version in addition to the stable series, and the
configuration file is shared, the old version will try to open the new
datafiles if that's what I last worked on...

There is a second situation in which this becomes a problem. I keep my
own accounts, and also separate accounts for my church. Naturally these
are stored in separate files. In this case, I would like to select the
file from the memory list rather than wait for the last file used to
load up and then select the other file.

I need to be able to turn off the auto-open feature. I could not find a
GUI preference to do this.