'close window' and 'move to new window' items -> windows menu

Conrad Canterford conrad@mail.watersprite.com.au
Tue, 22 May 2001 16:35:58 +1000

Ben Stanley wrote:
> I propose that the
> close window
> move to new window
> items, which currently reside in the 'File' menu, be moved to the
> 'Windows' menu, and a separator added between them and the window list.
> I mention this because when the notebook style interface is in use, it
> is not clear how to close one of the notebook tabs. Perhaps a cleaner
> way might be to have a right click menu on the notebook tabs - perhaps
> with the single option 'close window'.

I have also noted this, and I did mention it in one bug report (which
may still be in the "wishlist" set - I haven't checked).

I also feel it is a significant problem, and would really like to see
the right-click option pursued (other things to include would be "edit
options" and "print").

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