check locales (was something that I deleted and can't remmember)

Duarte Loreto
Thu, 31 May 2001 01:03:29 +0100


> > Hope this helps someone. I can look at the scheme file and see how it
> > could work in portuguese, although I promisse nothing as I never coded
> > in scheme nor C.
>Do you know perl?  Python?  Basic?  Pseudocode?

Java, JSP, Javascript, VisualBasic, PL/SQL (in Oracle)

>If you can code a little demonstration program in one of these languages
>(or any other language you do know) to explain how to convert a numeric
>amount into text like you'd write on a check, that would be extremely
>helpful.  If that's too complicated, could you explain the grammar rules
>constructing such a string?
>Thanks for your input.

I think it woul be easier to do the code than explain the grammar... ;)

OK. By weekend, I can send you a Java class that gets a number and returns 
the string. The languages I'm better at (or least worse) are Java and VB. My 
current project at work is in VB so I prefer to do it in Java. Well... I 
would always prefer to do it in Java :)

Sorry for not doing it until weekend, but I've been working 12+ hours per 
day... Cannot get home and code...

Have fun! (I'll have more fun when you get my class :)

Duarte Loreto
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