SchedXaction .gnucash/ problem ["debit formula"/"credit formula"]

Josh Sled
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 09:45:57 -0700

I ran into this during development, and it slipped my mind until I saw
talk about it on #gnucash last night ...

If you run CVS gnucash, and play with the Scheduled Transaction stuff, a new
'reg_column_width' option will be recorded in your .gnucash/,
for the "debit formula" and "credit formula" columns of the template

Unfortunately, if you then run 1.6.x, it will crash upon encountering
the fact that those columns don't exist.  This is a 1.6.x bug, but CVS
gnucash creates the condition which make it occur.

So; if you're running both 1.6.x and CVS, make sure you delete the two
sexprs for "debit formula" and "credit formula" in the:

--- .gnucash/ ---
; Section: __gui
(let ((option (gnc:lookup-option gnc:*options-entries*
  ((lambda (option) (if option ((gnc:option-setter option) '(("debit formula" . 143) ("credit-formula" . 143) ("transfer" . 293) ("reconcile" . 16) ("num" . 43) ("date" . 92))))) option))


Removing the whole .gnucash/ dir will work, but is overkill.  I believe
it will error with text to the console saying "debit formula", but I
could be wrong.


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