Current HEAD will never build on Mac OS X

Max Horn
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 01:51:26 +0100

At 11:06 Uhr -0600 03.02.2002, Bill Gribble wrote:
>On Sun, 2002-02-03 at 08:55, Peter O'Gorman wrote:
>>  Please use -module only for things which need to be loaded at
>>  runtime, anything that needs to be linked against doesn't need
>>  this.
>Please don't "fix" this.  The use of -module is intentional and removing
>it will break gnucash.  At the moment, gnucash depends on being able to
>both link against and dynamically load its modules.  That's unfortunate,
>but fixing the problem will require much more than just removing

May I ask why this is necessary? I.e. what are the reasons for this 
decision? (I tried to find information on this in your mailing list 
archive, but can't fine a way to search 'em :/)

I guess you had good reasons, but from an exterior point of view at 
the first glance it seems like a rather poor move. First off, there 
are other systems on which this will break, not just Darwin. Also, it 
seems pretty weird that anything should ever be required to be both a 
library and a loadable module, since both are inherently different 
things. A shared lib is something that is used by code written after 
the lib was created; while the code loading a module is writteb 
before the module is.

Can you point me to a page/old email that explains this, or explain 
it directly?

>It's unfortunate that this breaks compilation on Mac OS X.  Is there any
>way to make it possible to both link against and runtime load libraries
>on that OS?

Not that I am aware of, so I can't fully exclude the possibility. But 
I stronlgy doubt it... Anyway, I am going to query some sources 
(darwin-devel mailing list etc. on this).

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