QIF import problems

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
06 Feb 2002 10:18:32 -0500


Fabien COELHO <fabien@coelho.net> writes:

> When importing QIF files from my bank, I had to fix manually syntactic
> problems in the file generated by the bank. I think the QIF parser could
> pretty easily handles these 'extensions'. I wrote a perl to handle the two
> first problems.

I've had to do this, too, but for quite different problems.

> 1/ 2 digit year in date format
> D05/02/02
> instead of
> D05/02'2002

The QIF importer should be able to handle a two-digit year.  It will
ask you to help it, but it should work just fine.

> 2/ plus sign in total amount format
> T+10,000,000.00
> instead of
> T10,000,000.00

Yea, I can see this being a problem, but shouldn't be too hard to fix.
Could you send along (to the list) an example QIF file (with names and
values changed if you prefer) that shows these two bugs?

> 3/ account choice not user friendly
> When importing a QIF file, the system asks for the destination account.
> Fine. You have to type the full name if it is a subaccount. I would
> prefer a Choice box where one can select an existing account, or the
> ability to create a new one.

I think this is more of a documentation confusion than anything else.
What this is really asking is "this QIF file is a list of transactions
from/to some QIF account X.  What Gnucash account matches this QIF

This stage is _REALLY_ just a hint to the importer.  Later on in the
process you _DO_ get the an account-picker dialog and the chance to
create new accounts.

> Thanks in advance for the potential future fixes.


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