Compiling the CVS head

Olaf Faaland
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 04:16:28 -0700


I had the problem with a missing src/doc/design/version.texi earlier this=
month; Derek Atkins replied with this:

>When you run configure with --enable-maintainer-mode it should create
>that the version.texi file.  When you run, it runs
>configure properly.  Did you, perhaps, re-run configure by hand after

Running configure as described worked for me.  In case it doesn't work fo=
you, for some reason, I also found that creating that file with 'touch'=20
allowed the build to continue so I could get to playing while waiting for=
better answer.  The binary produced this way seemed to work fine.


On Thursday 20 June 2002 02:54 am, Eildert Groeneveld wrote:
> On Thursday 20 June 2002 11:43, Christian Stimming wrote:
> > Remaining compile issue:
> >
> > The file version.texi is automatically created by something (let me
> > guess:, so it's correct that it's not in CVS. Of course
> unfortunately version.texi is NOT generated. And the abort is right at =
> beginning of the compile. So there is no binary :(
> Apparently version.texi is also required in the src/ dir
> > it's annoying that this breaks your compile. I don't quite recall
> > whether this is in the beginning or the end of the compile -- 'cause =
> > all other subdirectories of src/ we compiled correctly then you're do=
> > and can try "make install". src/doc is, as the name suggests, only fo=
> > documentation...
> Eildert