Something is still broken with the build process

Laurent Duperval lduperval at
Fri Apr 4 18:15:24 CST 2003

On  4 Apr, Derek Atkins wrote:
> That's what I thought.   This is _WRONG_.

No it's not. Every piece of software I compile is compiled and installed
like this and they all work. Doing this allows you to do soft-linking in
any directory and it will alway work.

> You should run:
>         ./ --prefix=/usr/local/soft/gnucash/run/i686_pc_linux

That's what I used to do but this breaks soft-linking. When I complained
about this (for other applications), I was told that when using
autoconf, you should use the --prefix when running make install, not
when running configure (or autogen in this case), if you plan on doing

I will also note that this used to work but then, sometime in the life
of the 1.7.x series, it suddenly broke. I'd also mentioned it at the


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