Import transactions change proposal

Chris Morgan chrismorgan at
Tue Feb 4 12:03:21 CST 2003

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>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 11:38:49 -0500
>From: Benoit Grégoire <bock at>  
>Subject: Re: Import transactions change proposal  
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>> >You can't add a button (or any other widget) in a cell of a
>> GtkClist.  That
>> >would be a cell of type GTK_CELL_WIDGET, and support for it
>> was never
>> >completed.  If you could I wouldn't have had to emulate
>> buttons using the
>> >select signals.
>> I was suggesting adding a button below the clist, maybe
>> something like "Process Selected" or whatever.
>I understand that, but how are you going to manage not to
break the three 
>current "buttons" per row?

That I'm not sure about.  Someone else on the list must have
an idea that will solve this.  I do think that allowing
multiple selections in the clist makes sense, that requires
handling double clicks instead of single clicks although it is
possible that we could handle single clicks on certain rows if
this is reasonable behavior.  


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