Import transactions change proposal

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 4 12:21:12 CST 2003

Chris Morgan <chrismorgan at> writes:

> That I'm not sure about.  Someone else on the list must have
> an idea that will solve this.  I do think that allowing
> multiple selections in the clist makes sense, that requires
> handling double clicks instead of single clicks although it is
> possible that we could handle single clicks on certain rows if
> this is reasonable behavior.  

I'm not at all convinced that handling multiple transactions at once
is more important than re-trying matches.  I think that if you solve
the "setting one destination account also changes the other matching
transaction" will go a LONG way towards solving the major problem with
the importer.

Exactly what problem do you think you are solving by all this single
v. double clicking and multiple selections?  Even after re-reading all
these mails, I'm still not clear what problem you think you're trying
to solve by adding this "feature".

In all good software engineering you need to start with the
requirements and problem statement -- don't start with a solution and
see what you can do with it.  Can you clearly state what problem(s)
you have with the importer before discussing methods to improve it?

> Chris


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