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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 11 10:27:26 CST 2003

Yes, it is _POSSIBLE_ to write an ncurses interface, but...

  a) it has not been done,
  b) it would be a lot of work, and
  c) there probably is not a lot of interest by developers to write it.

I think that (b) is probably the largest deterrent.


PS: Patches for an ncurses interface would certainly be accepted ;)

"E. Oltmanns" <oltmanns at> writes:

> Hello altogether,
> first of all I'd like to beg your pardon if this isn't the place to
> answer questions like mine. Please tell me the right address in that
> case.
> A few weeks ago I searched in the inter net for home banking software
> for linux. Thats how I got interested in GnuCash and especially in its
> HBCI facilities. Unfortunately it turned out soon that GnuCash in its
> current state is unusable for me because its a gnome based
> application. I'm blind and therefore unable to use applications
> running under the x-system. So my question is (you guessed it!)
> whether it might be possible to write a console interface to GnuCash,
> for example using ncurses or something similar. It might be most obvious
> that I have hardly an idea about the problems related to such a
> project. Perhaps you can think about the suggestion or explain the
> reason why it should be impossible to realize a console solution.
> Regards,
> E. Oltmanns
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