2.0 plans?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 12 12:12:57 CST 2003

"Lahoz Gracia, Juan Leon" <juan-leon.lahoz at mad.tecsidel.es> writes:

> I'm not only speaking about a single report, but the ability
> to combine several of them.

Have you tried the "Custom Multicolumn Report" under the 
"Reports -> Sample & Custom" menu?  Using this report you
can combine your other reports into a single "table" on the
page, in multiple columns and rows.

> If I can define, save and load a single report, would be
> nice to combine several of them in a visual way. For
> instance, a barchart report to see my weekly expenses in
> food, with three piecharts showing the proportions of each
> kind of food (milk, bread, beer,...) for the las week, the
> last month and the last three months.

You can try the above...

> I might like to load and run my set of saved reports monthly
> and save the results to html (maybe guppi is not in good
> shape and I am out of luck).
> What I look is basically:
> - Ability to define a report with its preferences, name it
>   and save to my directory of reports. The more graphical
>   and flexible the way, the better.

Ok, right now there is no way to "save" report settings.  The best you
can do is leave the account "open" in a tab on the main window.
Saving report settings is an open bug (see #104156).

> - Ability of visually combine several of these reports,
>   setting the parameters and chosing the relative positions,
>   sizes, etc. and saving the result as another report.

This exists.

> - Ability to export them in html, including graphics.

This _should_ exist, but I believe you are correct that it might not
due to guppi/GtkHTML..

> - Ability to run a saved report and save to html with a
>   single command (maybe this could be scheduled).

This is related to the 'saved report settings' issue.

> [ BTW, I would like also a context menu in the graphical
> reports to chose between "open" and "open in another window"
> instead the default "open". ]

I'm not sure what you mean here.  Which context menu in which
graphical reports?

> Gnucash has several default reports. Configure them, save
> with another names and run whenever you want is nice.

See above about open bugs ;)

> It would be nice also some sort of "shell" to define reports
> in scheme: a menu option would launch an editor (you could
> chose what editor, by example emacsclient) with an skeleton
> of report, then the report would be saved in the correct
> directory, etc. And having help about the data and
> functions you can use would be great.

I need to think about this one.

> Yes, I know all of this is a lot of effort and maybe not
> into the priorities of most of the users and developers, but
> to dream is cheap to me :-).

Fair enough.

> Bye
> --
> Juan Leon


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