Many accounts = slow register window

Jon Lapham lapham at
Fri Jul 18 00:27:58 CDT 2003

Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> Imagine my situation, with 800+ accounts and 15,000+ transaction.

Can you run a little experiment?

I'm curious how much of a difference the 15k transactions makes for you. 
  For me, the number of txns was not that important (it mattered, but 
very little).  But, I have only a few thousand txns.

Can you copy your GC file to somewhere.  Open the copy with a text 
editor and remove all the <gnc:transaction> section.  Luckily, all the 
txns are grouped together, so just find the first <gnc transaction> 
part, and delete to the final </gnc:transaction> (which should be a few 
lines from the end).  This will just leave your account heirarchy, 
without transactions.   Then, open this file in GnuCash and see how it 
compares to the real file in terms of speed.

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