Possible to build gnucash under slackware-9.0 gnome-2.2

corner at chello.at corner at chello.at
Sun Mar 30 06:35:44 CST 2003

I am trying to install gnucash under slackware 9.0 und slackware-9-0 with
gnome-2.2.  I ran into a problame with libxml.  I installed the latest libxml2
and gnucash is apparently looking for an older version: libxml not libxml2. 
Obligingly I installed an older libxml and now it can't find glade and gal
which are part of the slackware distribution.  I am going to try the cvs now,
but I am not to keen on that and not expecting it to work.  Is there any
solution to this.  I had it running before somehow with slackware 8.1 and
gnome-2.2 installed with garnome.  I am not sure how I did that.  There isn't a
binary for slackware is there?

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