Translation problems

Nikos Charonitakis frolix68 at
Sun Oct 19 23:37:36 CDT 2003

I mean that translator can find two "none" messages instead of one.
One for loan druid and one for properties for example.
I dont know if this could be easily implemented, i not a programer :)
Also i can say that such "conflict" cases are not too many.


Στις 19/Οκτ/2003, ημέρα Κυριακή και ώρα 22:26, ο/η Derek Atkins έγραψε:
> Nikos Charonitakis <frolix68 at> writes:
> > I dont know. Maybe using discrete strings for every message instead of
> > using variables.
> But we ARE using discrete strings.  We've got a button that says "New".
> That's certainly discrete.  Similarly for "none"; it's a label unto
> itself.  So I dont see how we could use discrete strings here.
> Yes, there are some places where we build a string from pieces, but not
> many.
> > NikosC
> -derek

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