Translation problems

Eneko Lacunza listas at
Mon Oct 20 21:12:34 CDT 2003


El lun, 20 de 10 de 2003 a las 06:22, Derek Atkins escribió:
> > I agree that there is a shortcoming of gettext, but at least this "none"
> > and "new" thing can easily get fixed.
> > The programmer should write _("New Account"), _("New Loan") or _("New
> > Invoice") in the source code. The translator for the English languages
> > (en_US, en_GB etc.) can than translate those by "New" if he wants to be
> > shorter. I think there are very few desktop users who have set there
> > lang environment to "C", most people in English speaking countries have
> > set it to "en". So this should create any problems for the English
> > reading audience.
> That presumes there are different UIs for different objects, which is
> not necessarily true.  For example, "New" is used in four places, once
> is a scheme file, once in a glade file, and twice in C source files.
> So, yea, that might be changable..  Feel free to submit a patch
> against CVS HEAD (I don't want to gratuitously change strings in 1.8).
> If you can find places where you can differentiate, feel free to do
> so.  I'm not adverse to fixing the problem, but I just think it might
> be difficult to do so in all places.

	I agree that maybe changing on head is the best idea.

	But I think these issues must be taken very seriously, at least if we
truly intend an international use of GnuCash.

	If there is a GUI with a string that is used with elements that have
different genre, then that string should be set by the caller to the
GUI, as the caller must know about the actual element.

	I understand that all this i18n stuff is annoying, but the should be
truly treated as i18n bugs.


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