More KMyMoney peeking: is our file format clearly documented?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Jun 24 04:36:23 EDT 2004

It's almost funny to read through KMyMoney's mailing lists and see all 
the different times when they think about the same concepts as we do and 
they end up saying "let's have a look at the gnucash code to see how 
they solved it"... :-)

The developer working on the gnucash importer had some interesting 
things to note: 

"3. Since I couldn't find any definition of the GC file structure, I've 
based the code purely from what I've been able to deduce from my own 
file, and a few small test files created for the purpose. "

Are we really missing a clear documentation of the structure? I thought 
we had some DTDs available in src/doc/xml but they are quite old (from 
2001) and they would need some additional explanation on how the XML 
structure is mapped on the gnucash objects... Is there already anything 
available? If yes, we should clearly mark this somewhere.


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