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Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Apr 17 10:02:35 EDT 2005


there has been some discussion about a windows port last december. My writeup 
at is 
still valid. Let's first finish the gnome2 port and then think about a 
windows port.


P.S.: Just a side note from Germany: The German online banking library 
aqbanking/aqhbci is already up and running on windows/mingw32. The 
German developer(s) would therefore be more than happy if GnuCash would 
be available on windows as well 

Am Samstag, 16. April 2005 08:51 schrieb marthter:
> Hi,
> Long-time lurker (several years) but I've been off the list since last
> fall.  This is not 100% on topic but moreso here than the users list I
> think...
> I recently stumbled on Gimp for Windows
> ) and was impressed with how stable it was and how close to the Linux UI
> it came.  Before installing it, you have to install "GTK+ 2 for Windows"
> (also on the same site) so I guess that is what gives them a lot of the
> infrastructure they need.
> My question is how relevant might this be for GnuCash in the future?  I
> understand about the Gnome 2 port still progressing (and having to go
> gradually, in parallel with feature and bug development), but I'm
> thinking about when that is done... Will there still be a lot of other
> GnuCash dependencies that have no "GTK+ 2 for Windows" equivalent?
> I also understand there might be reluctance to invest work to support a
> dying platform like Windows, but there are some people who have to stick
> with it for very specific features of certain programs.  I'm thinking of
> a friend of mine who spends all day replying to e-mail and needs this
> one certain e-mail feature or his productivity is shot, and I just can't
> find anything comparable in Linux to recommend to him.  So if I can't
> bring him to GnuCash (Linux), maybe I can bring GnuCash to him on Windows.
> So, yes, at the moment this is just one person's itch, but if I don't
> ask, I can't tell how many others might be interested, short term, long
> term, or no term.  And if I don't ask the advice of the developers who
> know, I'll can't tell if it would be in the least bit feasible, or if it
> would be a monumental and/or doomed-to-fail thing to even attempt.
> Thanks for your attention.
> Regards.
> Martin
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