GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

R Hannes Beinert argovela at
Sun Feb 20 13:53:40 EST 2005

--- Michael Wahlbrink <linux.wali at> wrote:

> Neil Williams schrieb:
> > I'll be keeping these .pdf files updated and the site will remain active 
> > indefinitely. If there are other requests for documentation in various 
> > formats, I can host those where they are available too.

> > Michael, these are very good, thanks. Are you willing to maintain these? You'd 
> > need to monitor changes to gnucash-docs and provide updated copies as and 
> > when - especially around release time.
> Yes I can do this! But there will be no guarantee for "next-day 
> pdf-delivery" ;-).... sometimes it will take till the next weekend.....

I very much appreciate your efforts in generating these PDF docs!  I was in the
process of motivating myself to offer to generate them myself when *poof* you
beat me to it.  The everything-in-one-file approach makes reading them much easier
for me.

Thank you!


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