GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Feb 20 18:33:42 EST 2005

On Sunday 20 February 2005 6:53 pm, R Hannes Beinert wrote:
> I very much appreciate your efforts in generating these PDF docs!  I was in
> the process of motivating myself to offer to generate them myself

I'm quite amazed at the appeal of a single 110 page PDF file! It horrifies me 
to produce files that big - I've been spoilt by broadband but there are 
others who are still on dial-up out there, I feel for them when others create 
such massive files, now I'm being asked to produce more!

> when 
> *poof* you beat me to it.  The everything-in-one-file approach makes
> reading them much easier for me.

The single file (in HTML) is easily created from gnucash-docs:
cd guide/C/
docbook2html -u gnucash-guide.xml

I couldn't generate the PDF that way though. I get no errors, just a zero 
length file.

Michael, I'll leave this to you now. Liaise with Chris and get your own system 
sorted, install whatever docbook utilities are available for your 
distribution and send me the new files from time to time, unless you and 
Chris come to some agreement on alternatives.


Neil Williams

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