translation of nepali not shown

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Jul 21 08:30:43 EDT 2005

Dear Pawan,

you didn't say which version of gnucash you used, but I guess you are 
talking about a 1.8.x-Version. The point is that the 1.8.x series is 
still gtk1-based, which can be a problem for non-ascii character sets. 
In that case, you need to make sure manually that your encoding of the 
strings in the po file matches exactly the character encoding that is 
set in your environment. If e.g. your newly translated po file has 
"Content-Type: text/plain, charset=ISO-8859-1" set in its header, but 
your LANG environment variable has an utf-8 locale set (e.g. 
LANG=en_GB.UTF-8), then all non-ascii characters will show as something 
weird or maybe as boxes.

This will change completely in the gnome2 development branch where 
everything will be utf-8.

For now (1.8.x series), you need to make sure
1. your po file needs to be in an encoding that works with your 
devanagari characters
2. the "Content-Type: " in the header of the po file needs to be set to 
that encoding, too
3. before starting gnucash, you need to set LANG into the very same 


Pawan Chitrakar schrieb:
> Dear list,
> i am working on gnucash translation to nepali language 
> when i test the gnucash with the translation string  shows with boxes
> and no devanagari character shows up... i am using hoary ubuntu linux
> please advice what went wrong
> thanks in advance
> pawan
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