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Thu May 5 07:22:18 EDT 2005

Bonjour !
Just to mention that very differents structures exist among languages.
Just think of french or german ...
Some fine algorithms exist, sure !
Hmmm... I still have no idea of GC internals :)

bertrand Gugger aka toggg

Morten Cools wrote:

>Hi again
>As far as I've been able to tell, the stuff concerning numbers to words
>are hardcoded in number-to-words.scm, so it would require a patch to
>change this behavior. 
>The problem is that this code, as far as I can tell, is based on the
>ability to prefix small numbers to bigger numbers in order to generate
>multiples of the bigger numbers. E.g. to write 200 with words it
>effectively outputs "two" "hundred". As I understand it, you have own
>words for 200, 300, etc, that cannot be generated in the aforementioned
>manner? Correct me if I am wrong!
>The code in question is interpreted, and not compiled, so it should be
>possible to alter it without rebuilding Gnucash. However, I assume this
>would require replacing word for word the English words with Greek, in
>order to not screw up the functionality of the existing code.
>So the short answer is, no, it cannot be localized in a trivial manner,
>unless the language has the same number-to-word structure as English.
>As for rewriting the module, I hardly know anything about Scheme, so I
>won't be able to help you there...
>On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 02:53 +0300, Nikos Charonitakis wrote:
>>Another issue that i found for Greek language (also i think that this
>>an issue for other languages) is that when i try to print a check
>>numbers expressed in words are only for English language.
>>1000 $ -> one thousand $
>>the second part should be localized.
>>Where is the code responsible for this trasnformation?
>>Can be localized?
>>Thanks in advance
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