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Brian dol-sen at telus.net
Thu May 26 20:54:53 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-26-05 at 18:49 -0400, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
> On Fri, 27 May 2005, Conrad Canterford wrote:
> > In .au there are penalties for getting it wrong (hence my concern that
> > the data files be accurate), even though in practice the tax office can
> > claw back any shortfall through the tax return process.
> I agree with the suggestion that the government *ought* to publish 
> machine readable tax data at no charge.  Establishing an open format is a
> necessary first step in that direction.  Our customers are US importers,
> and the US gov publishes quite a bit of machine readable data 
> necessary to properly file entries.  That trend needs to grow, if
> they expect compliance with ever more complex tax codes.

In Canada the government publishes their payroll tax info on cd with a
java app to compute the taxes,etc.. FOR FREE :)  Unfortunately, it is
only for WindBlows and MAC. It seems to do just the basic calculations.
No storage of info other than initial config (Company name, # of pay
periods, etc).  They are trying to get away from the printed versions
which cost more to produce and distribute.

I think that if we can get a decent payroll module together with a
straightforward config for the tax formulae that they may even supply
the updates (eventually, if enough users keep requesting it).
Brian <dol-sen at telus.net>

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