Automake warnings in lib/goffice on Debian

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Sep 16 09:17:51 EDT 2005

Hi Neil,

Neil Williams schrieb:
>>Log Message:
>>Automake doesn't cause warnings in lib/goffice any more, so remove
>>the message telling the user to ignore them.
> Some files generate dozens of warnings like:
> gog-error-bar.c:349: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in 
> signedness

Note that these warning will occur *if and only if* you use gcc4, which 
is still not yet the default in many distributions. As unusual as it is 
for Debian :-) , in this case the default compiler of Debian is a higher 
version than what many other people use. Most other distributions still 
ship with gcc 3.3.x or 3.4.x as default. Please bear this in mind when 
complaining about compiler warnings -- most other developers here do not 
(yet) see this particular warnings.

Besides, you can switch off this particular annoying 
"pointer-signedness-warnings" by -Wno-pointer-sign. That is probably the 
best option for you.

> gog-style.c:861: warning: unused variable 'w'

... and this can be switched off by -Wno-unused or more particular 

> I've already had to make allowances for macros that have changed the number of 
> arguments - those errors can't be ignored so I've rewritten the C and omitted 
> those files from the patch that generates the commit.

Yes, macros with different numbers of argument clearly is an error that 
cannot be ignored. The above warnings, however, can be ignored so far.

> The rest of GnuCash now builds with -Werror - the gwrap problems appear fixed.
> I've had to add CFLAGS += -Wno-error to graph/, utils/, 
> gui-utils/, split/widgets/, split/ and 
> goffice/ itself.

I would advice against -Wno-error but rather switching off those 
particular warnings as described above. OTOH of course goffice shouldn't 
be fixed by us but rather by upstream.


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