slow gnucash startup

Kathryn Grote cwgrote at
Wed Aug 9 11:04:02 EDT 2006

On Thursday 03 August 2006 12:39, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Kathryn Grote <cwgrote at>:
> > On Wednesday 02 August 2006 14:32, you wrote:
> >> Kathryn Grote <cwgrote at> writes:
> >> > Over the weekend I installed SUSE 10.1 and also the packages required
> >> > to compile gnucash 2.0.0. The compile went OK and the first startup
> >> > was normal. I opened our previous datafile and everything looked OK.
> >> > Now however subsequent opens take four or five minutes. I thought
> >> > perhaps 2.0.1 fixed a known issue and compiled it, but the slow
> >> > startup still persists. What can I do to debug or fix this problem?

> Unfortunately you didn't answer my question about what gnucash appears
> to be doing during these five minutes.  Did the splash screen come up?
> Did the main window come up?
> There is a log file, /tmp/gnucash.trace, but it might not have much in
> it.  Then again, it might.  You could look.
> Is this a local display or a remote display?
> > Curtis Grote
> -derek

Thanks again for the reply. This problem is indeed related to a remote 
display. My wife is using gnucash by connecting to our SUSE 10.1 server 
through cygwin and the kdm logon screen. When she starts up gnucash 
via an icon on her KDE desktop, no splash screen is displayed for about three 
minutes. Then the splash screen is displayed, gnucash starts, and everything 
is normal. When I sign on with the same username on the server itself 
however, and start up gnucash from the same icon, the splash screen is 
immediately displayed, gnucash loads the database, and everything is ready in 
about 15 seconds. Other applications do not display this behavior using the 
cygwin connection - for example konqueror starts in about three seconds.

The /tmp/gnucash.trace file contains the following:

gnucash: /usr/local/lib/ cannot open shared object 
file: No such file or directory
failed to load gnc-backend-postgres from /usr/local/lib
loading system configuration
looking for /usr/local/etc/gnucash/config
trying to load /usr/local/etc/gnucash/config
loading user configuration
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/config-2.0.user
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/config-1.8.user
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/config-1.6.user
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/config.user
loading auto configuration
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/
loading saved reports
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/saved-reports-2.0
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/saved-reports-1.8
loading stylesheets
looking for /home/administrator/.gnucash/stylesheets-2.0
trying to load /home/administrator/.gnucash/stylesheets-2.0
Warning: xaccTransFindOldCommonCurrency(): unable to find a common currency in 
txn 46ac7636ae9615b64defe6b84a71deb2, and that is strange.
Warning: xaccTransScrubCurrency(): no common transaction currency found for 
trans="(account description one)" (46ac7636ae9615b64defe6b84a71deb2)
Warning: xaccTransScrubCurrency():  split="" account="(account desc one)" 
Warning: xaccTransScrubCurrency():  split="" account="(account desc two)" 

. . . and many lines similar to the above warnings. Thanks again for your help 
with this problem.

Curtis Grote

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