Gnucash Under Windows

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Aug 12 11:07:49 EDT 2006

Am Samstag, 12. August 2006 16:56 schrieb Tom Browder:
> I've made slow progress with getting gnucash under cygwin but am
> hacking on.  I've made a few stupid mistakes, but some of the blame is
> due to the various congure scripts!

Absolutely. However, that's something that won't change in the near future :-(

> The state of configuration and detection of required dependencies is
> terrible--starting with gnucash that couldn't find several
> non-existing dependencies.  (I'll submit a bug report when I get more
> organized and make sure it's not my fault.)

Last week I made some attempts with cygwin as well. Eventually I added a list 
of required -devel packages to the wiki page. You should have all these 
installed before gnucash's configure will succeed. 

> Pkg-config is becoming more of a player, but at least one gnome
> package (libgsf) cannot find the existence of  gconf-2.0! (My
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH points to the directory containing 'gconf-2.0.pc'.)

Do you try to compile any of these packages yourself? I didn't. I found all of 
them as pre-compiled packages that could be installed through cygwin's 
installer-setup.exe, for the single exception of g-wrap (and for gtkhtml-3.x 
which needed a different server URL). If pkgconfig fails unexpectedly, in my 
case it was always because the blabla.pc listed another package as 
requirement for this blabla package. You can see them by opening the 
blabla.pc in a text editor - the format is pretty self-explanatory.

HOWEVER I finally gave up on cygwin and returned to mingw because cygwin was 
just sooooo much slower than mingw! Mingw is already slower than linux by a 
factor of 10, but cygwin adds another factor of 5... But mingw doesn't have 
such a setup.exe installer to obtain all your requirements, so maybe this 
benefit of cygwin outweighs the slowliness.

> Does anyone know of a public registry for current open source package
> names, versions, and official source locations?  If not, perhaps the
> Open Source Foundation would be a logical place.

The very nature of open source means that such a registry doesn't exist 
(unfortunately). Especially things like package *names* are treated 
differently in different distributions; cygwin is just another distribution 
in that respect, similar to Redhat, Novell, Debian. I *thought* I had 
collected all necessary packages URLs on . The Gnome stuff is on their FTP 
server, which I have noted in the respective section of the wiki page. What 
else were you looking for?


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