Direct Investment import to GNUCash

Hubert Bahr hab at
Mon Dec 4 17:36:53 EST 2006

I recently tried to import investment information into GNUCash.  The
problem I see is the loss of the commodity price during import.  When I
get the Info in QIF format this loss doesn't occur.  When I import in
OFX the loss does occur and this is also true when I use direct
connect.  The same is not true when I import into Quicken.
Investigation into the OFX file shows that the information is
available.  It just isn't being used.  I am willing to work on this,
however I could use some help determining where to start.  I can provide
a test case.  To date I see that all three cases use different paths
into GNUcash.  However, both Direct connect and OFX import use libofx.
I do see some additional differences in Direct Connect and OFX import.
But they both lose the quantity and value of the commodity.


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