Win32 Port Efforts (eKA$H fork)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 11 22:03:04 EST 2006


Quoting jarney1 at

> Thanks.  I think this will work for me.  The only situation I can 
> think of where it is not correct at the commodity level is defining 
> asset classes that incorporate a tax hedge strategy (i.e. tax 
> deferred Lg Cap vs. tax immediate Lg Cap).

You're welcome.  :)

> Tax policy balancing is rare but not unheard of in terms of a 
> balanced portfolio.
> I think the KVP at the commodity level is good enough.  As I 
> mentioned earlier, I think I'll abandon my tree and try again from 
> scratch with a recent SVN copy.
> -Jon.

As I said, I just added code to trunk to support this, so you'd just
need to add the GUI code to set it.

Patches welcome :)


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