gda-dev does not compile

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 20 15:35:06 EST 2006

Quoting Mark Johnson <mrj001 at>:

>> The PG backend still works, even in 2.0.  You just can't use the
>> Save-As dialog to create a new one (because you cannot specify
>> a URI in the interface).  So your understand is not completely correct.
>> Regardless, the fact remains that we will still have the XML File Backend
>> and the GDA backend, and the XML File Backend will still require a Save
>> button..  So we cannot remove it.
>> -derek
> Would it make sense to simply hide the Save Button when the GDA 
> backend is in use?  Then it would not be visible to the user.

I already answered this in a previous message.   No.  It would be
better to make the Save button sensitive based on whether or not
the book is dirty.  But the button should always be there, for now.

> I would like to test the gda backend by saving (a copy of) my real 
> data to it.  How would I do that?  (I am testing gnucash-gda on a 
> separate machine from where I run gnucash with my real data.)

My understanding is that right now there's not a good way of doing this
because there's no way to input a URI in the File Chooser, so you
cannot Save As to save to a GDA backend.   Fixing this is something
that needs to happen..  Care to take a shot?  ;)

> Mark

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