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Wed Sep 6 04:31:10 EDT 2006

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I do see some value if someone/we provide an autopackage of gnucash as
well. However, some prerequisites have to be solved before someone can
do that:

1. Gnucash has several compile-time paths compiled into the source;
these need to be switched to installation-time paths

2. We have a huge list of requirements; some of these are more uncommon
(g-wrap, slib) and will need to be included in the autopackage for sure,
but for the rest of the dependencies (gtk?) we need the definite
information whether these would need to be included in the autopackage
as well. Our list of dependencies, as quoted often enough, is at

@Rykel: You could provide the information for us which of these
dependencies would need to be included in the autopackage as well. That
would solve at least this question.

As for #1: Because the gnucash/win32 port is dealing with the same
issue, I can already tell which places in the source still rely on
compile-time paths. For all of them, some installation-time or runtime
mechanism must be found. Either they additionally query some env
variable, which could then be set at installation time in the "gnucash"
script. Or they use some even more automated mechanism like binreloc, These are concerned in gnucash
and are absolutely _required_:
* GNC_LIBDIR in ./src/engine/gnc-engine.c:83
* GNC_GLADE_DIR in ./src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.c:828
* LOCALE_DIR in ./src/bin/gnucash-bin.c:492

These are somehow optional:
* GNC_ACCOUNTS_DIR in ./src/gnome/druid-hierarchy.c:375
* GNC_GCONF_DIR in ./src/gnome-utils/druid-gconf-setup.c:154

It should be very well possible to solve these at least by the
environment variable workaround. Not too difficult, if you ask me.


> Quoting Rykel <rykel at>:
>> So I hope that GnuCash 2.0 Linux version could use the defacto Linux
>> Installer available from Using the official
>> Linux installer is also a great idea because then, GnuCash can be installed
>> as User, rather than Root.

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