r14792 - gnucash/trunk/packaging/win32 - Readd expat-bin (xmlparse, xmltok), freetype-dev, jpeg-bin and

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Thu Sep 7 16:33:03 EDT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 7. September 2006 22:19 schrieb Andreas Köhler:
> > > Also, the ftp server of expat couldn't be
> > > contacted when I tried that this morning. 
> It worked for me, see http://www.jclark.com/xml/expat.html for the link.

ok, will try again.

> > Expat is needed for perl's XML::Parser, which is something we need
> > for intltool.   I don't specifically know why we need freetype or jpeg.
> Yes and no. XML::Parser needs expat, but IIRC something else needed it too.
> I am sorry, I cannot check because my PC is being repaired right now :(
> I think jpeg (and others?) was required by gconftool-2. I can check the
> remaining in a few days if you want to, but actually I added them on
> demand.

ok. XML::Parser is really a huge download that I'd rather try to avoid. IMHO 
we can live with the [no-xml] workaround... but if others don't want it, 

> > > Also, with the new gnome-2.16 release, we might consider switching the
> > > gnome
> > > packages to newer versions sooner or later. Today the win32-directories
> > > were
> > > still marked as "work in progress", so we'll need to wait a few days.
> @Christian: Is there some win32 package infrastructure we can plug into?
> Gnumeric, Evolution, Gimp and GnuCash share a lot of code---maybe we can
> make use of installed libraries somehow?

*sigh* Absolutely not that I know of. Seems in terms of the win32 ports, 
everyone is back to the old "cooking your own soup" days again. I think 
Gnumeric is longest in this business -- you could try to ask them how they do 
it, but the mailing list isn't too active when it comes to win32 issues.


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