Weired transaction entry behavior after upgrade from 1.8.x to 2.0.1

don Paolo Benvenuto paolobenve at
Sat Sep 9 12:44:30 EDT 2006

I'm quite surprised, I can't see those weird behaviours

El sáb, 09-09-2006 a las 12:37 +0200, Rainer Dorsch escribió:
> Hello,
> I recently upgraded to gnucash2 and was impressed about the much more modern 
> look and feel and many improvements in details.
> The only weired and annoying behaviour I see is whenever I enter a transaction 
> I have two issues:
> - When I enter a transaction description, gnucash proposes completions based 
> on previous entries, which is very useful. Since version 2, I get something 
> like this:
>   -> I enter "B"
>   -> gnucash completes to "Backer" and puts the cursor BEFORE the capital B
>   -> when I wanted to have "Brewery",  I continue with entering "r"
>   -> then I get "rBacker"
> Not sure what goes wrong there.
> - When "Backer" would have been the right text, I hit tab and gnucash proposes 
> accounts. In gnucash2, the proposed accounts are proposed are correct. But 
> the are interchanged, the from account is the to account and visa versa. I.e. 
> I have to make the amount transfered negative.
> I am running KDE 3.3.2 on Debian 3.1. Probably more interesting are the gtk 
> libraries, but I don't know which one are the interesting one. I use stock 
> Debian libraries, versions may be looked up at
> or send me an email, and I will check them (somethimes Debian also includes 
> more then one version).
> Any hints are welcome.
> Many thanks,
> Rainer
> PS: I compiled gnucash myself, so I could do a recompile with a trace/debug 
> patch.
Buon Cammino!

don Paolo Benvenuto

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