Non compatibility of Gnucash 2.2 with report from Gnucash 2.0

Thierry Scalais thierry.scalais at
Wed Aug 22 16:13:32 EDT 2007

Last year, I modified the advanced-portfolio report to add some useful 
functionality. I posted the report to this mailing list on September 
2006. This reports worked fine with Gnucash 2.0.

Unfortunately, Gnucash 2.2 is not compatible with this report. The main 
reason is that a series of function definitions disappear. Indeed, the 
current advanced-portfolio report was modified to take account of these 

I found in the changelog, a list of equivalence between the old 
definitions and the new ones. But, some definitions used in my report 
are not listed.

So my question is:

Is there, any where, a file that I could include in my report to 
retrieve the old definitions and so avoid a rewrite of my report?

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